alterationsWho do you call to get that special dress altered? Who can hem those new pants you just bought? Need to repair a tear in the pocket of your coat?

From basic hems to extensive wedding gown alterations, Park La Brea Cleaners can do all of the repairs and alterations you need in Park La Brea. Park La Brea Cleaners can get it done right…and when you need it.

We ask that all garments we alter be clean when the alterations are done. Wouldn’t you want a clean garment before sewing it?

You can mark your own garments or come into Park La Brea Cleaners for a fitting. Our service is fast and dependable. Most garments brought in by 9:00 am on Monday, Wednesday or Friday will be ready by the following Monday, Wednesday or Friday, including cleaning and/or pressing as required. And we always press any garment we alter or repair at no additional charge!

Two to Three Day Service Is Standard… One Day Service Is Available

Next day alteration service in Park La Brea Cleaners is also available for most items.